Price: $250

Do you want to construct a commercial act for professional repertoire?
A new virtual act in these times?
Do you want to construct a theatrical act that can express your own artistic intentions?

Welcome to "Construct your Act", a new online service, in which you will be able to construct the act that you want!

A structured FOUR hour course (one session per week) that will give you a full new act to use in your own desire context.

We will explore personal goals, your own strengths, effective communication, performance, scripting and much more!

You just need Zoom, a good internet connect and (most important) the desire and focus to change 

If you really care about personal investment, you know that you need less "tricks" and more personal coaching, so let me facilitate your learning process and lets co-create the act that yourself and your audience deserve.

If you have any problem with a one-time payment, just let me know and I can arrange a special way for you.

• • •